Your Favorite Private Model


I'm a woman that knows how to cater to a you and your every need. I'm attentive and intuitive on a highly personal level. I know there is more to sexuality and intimacy than physical sex. Some times the journey is better than the arrival and I like to take my time, make long, deep connections. I absolutely love orations that motivate our most powerful experiences.The ones that leave you breathless and mentally drained. I want to make you feel safe, desired, deserving and at peace, I can give you Joi. I am truly interested in you on a very real level. If you have never spent time with someone that you are actually grooving with, someone that vibes on your level when in your presence. Let's escape from the real worlds hustle and bustle, you can be wrapped in love over and over again. I think I'm a great listener, you can release your load when you are with me, I'll never leave blue. That's why I chose the name Joi, I want you happy in the end. Over satisfied in the time we spent together but yearning for just a bit more. Thinking about the next encounter before you have left the current. 


I'm a pretty open and understanding courtesan, so never be afraid to express yourself open and honestly. That is really the only way we will be able to really and truly fill that space fully and completely. A closed mouth never gets fed and being a southern woman I love to both feed you and be fed.