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The time has again come where I feel it my civic duty to remind many of you about the most valuable thing you can ever truly know, understand and implement 100% into your everyday life. Your right to SHUT THE FUCK UP!  Or as I like to say STFU. 


In a day where uncertainty can be a huge factor in where we go and who we go with and to see. We definitely want to leave out happier than we left without feeling like we got fucked. Well some of us want that good sticky but that's beside the point right now. Get your mind out of the gutter, lol. 

I understand that your natural desire is to be "helpful" and "not- resistant" please, by all means, don't do anything that's going to get you hurt, the object is always to make it home safe at the end of the evening. With that said you must also realize that LE has a job to do, a job they get paid for, a job they chose. You help them out because it's a dangerous job (remember they chose and got trained to do that job) or he was nice (also trained to manipulate) is not going to get you anything but arrested. You will not talk your way out of an arrest, you will not talk your way out of as many charges and most of all, you will not be getting a check for solving the case in the end. STFU and let them do their job, let your attorney do theirs. 

Here is a video I think you may find very informative and interesting. I suggest you watch the whole thing and maybe google and youtube more so you can be comfortable with your understanding and more importantly exercising your rights.


 Here is→ a link (GA) that will tell you your constitutional rights but I'm pretty sure you can google your specific location of detailed laws.


1. Always go with trusted, reputable providers. Someone that is super hot or TGTBT may in-fact be real but ask yourself this, what are you willing to lose to find out? Check Internet presence, reviews, ads, verification memberships, provider referrals are all ways to determine reliability but know nothing is 100%. A lady or even a male may have been compromised in the past, and that's ok but make sure you're not the guinea pig finding out if they are safe or not.It's a hard call because most females don't flip but guys, on the other hand, tend to fold under pressure. You have to make a judgment call but one good factor to use is anyone else around her/ him getting caught up or not? 

2. Don't write reviews. I know you have a grave desire to share your exploits with all your locker room buddies. Towel slapping each others ass' and comparing dick size and who fucked who harder, stronger, longer. well love bug, reviews have been used to obtain warrants and as evidence in court. Yes love bug, everything you say and do, is being used against you. Once more I reiterate STFU! Examples of LE using reviews It's a double edge sword about this, reviews are used to verify her and tell if she does what I like. All I can say is, that's the way of the past. You're gonna have to change with the times and keep up to alternative means, again, try social media interactions and things of the sort, If you can't tell who she is, maybe you don't need to see her.

3. Don't hang around in residential parking lots. Call from a close by location and wait until she says she is 100% ready before you get to your rendezvous spot.

4. Don't ever ask what you get for your money. If you are with a reputable companion, her rates are listed clearly on her website, she is going to do everything "within the law" and your imagination to protect her reputation and again send you away happier than you left for meeting her. 

Those are just of a few of the basics and so much more but, I'm tired of typing about gloom and doom so, I'm out.

As always, play safe, stay hard and I hope this doesn't go over your head. 

Peace and Blessings, Joi

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