I find it extremely difficult to quantify myself in a few catch phrases and buzz words packed pretty into a couple common paragraphs, pictures and a blog. I'm  so much more than that. It's hard to explain my personality in words. I'm quirky in so many ways, I'm compassionate yet steady, I'm serious yet fun. My likes and dislikes when there are so many of them, how do I pick which is more important than the last, which ones to list. How do I chronicle my love of music and sports, politics and writing? Do I add I was in the Air Force and Army or leave that out? What about school? Do you want to hear that now or after we meet? Recount an indescribable sensuality because I can't do it in less than 25 words. Indulge me, please, close your eyes and imagine a Creole woman, a beautiful mix of Black, Indian and French. Smooth, creamy skin, lovely hair, beautiful exotic features, eyes that see your desires and curves that satisfy them. Now open your eyes. Be honest, who did that imaginary woman resemble? I consider myself somewhat of a high dollar hot-tie but in a classical and sophisticated sense. Always presenting myself in appropriate and or requested attire, I'm prepared for any occasion. I have impeccable manners and I'm cultured, still, I'm very down to earth and non judgmental. I'm well spoken, well read and versed on subjects from sports to world events and a professed expert in love. 


enjoy people of all ages, shapes, sizes, sexes and ethnicity's. I find learning other clotures from people fascinating and  enriching. Your confidante and friend, companion and cheerleader. I'm here to listen to the words fall from your mouth, absorbing them into my soul and reacting organically to your needs. Hearing your desires by the way you look at me. I tend to entertain a minimal number of callers, providing time to focus on the very special details for you. I do understand, I may not be for everyone but if you are into a real woman who knows her place in every part of this very real world, I bet I'm just the right one for you. On a side note, if you like a woman with a perfect ass, you may want to check me out. Just my opinion when I grab it myself, lol. 


Preferring longer visits to single hours, I appreciate time to relax, get comfortable and completely intertwine into one another. I understand you may on occasion be pressed for time, I try to accommodate you the best ways I can, however, most of my visits tend to last a bit longer than scheduled so please be respectful of my time. If you plan for an hour, plan on leaving in one, if you find you're in my company and just can't seem to break free, you are more than welcome to stay longer if our schedules permit. if I allow you to stay over our scheduled time, that's a gift on me and I ask nothing of you. If you'd like to stay an extended amount of time over scheduled without being asked, please plan for such with me before assuming it's ok and know, I'll need consideration for such extensions at the end of our agreement/conversation to extend our visit.