Escort Joi Love Seattle, Atlanta, Tacoma, Bellevue

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Credit cards accepted with ID and $3/$100 service fee, discreetly billed 

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via P411 Twitter Instagram


$6oo.oo/ 2hr 
$5oo.oo/ 9o min 
$350.oo/ 1hr
$8oo.oo/ 3hr 
$11oo.oo/ 4-5hr

1hr Sensual Body Rub/ $25o.oo (I am not a licensed professional) 
2o min Erotic Video Chat/ $1oo.oo

For The Gentleman Desiring More Of My Time

(up to 8 hours) $15oo.oo 

1oo.oo/ea additional hr after 8 up to 12 hours

$2ooo.oo/ 13 to 24 hours Brunch to Breakfast, the perfect all day adventure.

Do It Again Tomorrow? $15oo.00/ ea additional 24hr

Travel Companion Would you like to meet and don't find your city on my schedule? Feel free to fly me to you. A minimum visit of 4 hours is required and I will pay for my own travel. Contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss further details and ideas.

Vacation Getaway
My time, travel and accommodations are required when traveling on a private vacation from one geographical location to another. Time starts at the arrival of destination unless excessive travel time is required. Then an additional $5oo.oo/travel a day is required. 

While we are together, I will offer you my undivided attention, yielding to your every desire and sharing each pleasure with you in that moment, I just can't do it for memories alone. If you are not in a position to compensate me for my time, please don't inquire as to me accompanying you, it will just cause an uncomfortable situation that need not be had.

Monthly Arrangement

When an hour or 24 here or there just doesn't satisfy that sweet tooth, feel free to seek a monthly arrangement with Love. We can discuss and reach a WIN - WIN understanding and from there, the sky is the limit. This is not something I would recommend entertaining if you do not have disposable income. Only a gentleman of means can consider this type of relationship. Not because of the finances, because of the stamina. Contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.




It is understandable that an emergency may come up and cause you to cancel. Please give me as much notice as possible if the need to cancel does arrive. If there is any extra cost or fee's associated with your specific visit, I will notify you /request it at that time via email invoice to you. If canceled more than 48hr in advance, no fee incurs. 12-24hr notice, $1oo.oo fee incurs, less than 12hr notice, the fee is $1oo.oo/hr booked. Depending on circumstances, if the fee is not paid, I will not entertain future requests and a deposit for future visits may be required if I do. Please contact me at the number you have or @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as soon as possible upon intent to cancel.



Visits over 3hr require a 25% deposit as well as any travel and accommodations, no less than 24hr prior to visiting (1-week minimum if extended travel is incurred)


I prefer that you did not exploit out friendship by broadcasting it for the shits and giggles of others. I can't say that each person I come across in this world I will have the connection that I have with you. Everyone is not for me the way you are. 

I am, as well as I mesh better with people who actually practice discretion and not just #hash-tag it or use it in communications as the latest buzzwords. Our experience together, be it watching a Cowboys game "GO BOY'S" or engaged in hot, sticky, nasty, ass slapping... well you know lol (that example was just for reference on context ya know) whatever it is we share, the magic descriptor is "we" you and me. I'd prefer that it be kept that way and not shared across any message or review boards.

Negotiation and Explicit Communication

JUST DON'T... I find it tacky and rude. There is enough information available on my site to give you a fair and accurate understanding/representation of who I am. If you find that my rates are not reflective of your means, please find someone that is. Don't waste your valuable time, my rates are extremely reasonable for the quality and class of woman I am, I shall not compromise, no matter what station YOU feel I belong to. If in fact, you are seeking an arrangement, read more about opportunities here. Outside of that, my rates are non-negotiable and will not be discussed under any circumstances, If you attempt to do so, communications will be discontinued and we will not be able to be future friends.

Tips and Gifts

Are not required... They are, however, truly appreciated. I know you understand the value of being generous to your particular muse and how those little thoughts really do count. Trust me, I'm appreciative of you choosing me as a friend and even more so that you think enough of me to gift me. If you are so inclined to gift me, here are a few of my favorite things