Your New HDH

Hello my darling, and welcome. I am so very pleased you took the time to share in a little me today, I hope you stay a while, get acclimated. If you don't have time right now, by all means, do come back again soon. Until then, feel free to look into some of the experiences we can explore together by clicking on one of the 3 options (pictures) below.

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Time To Explore

I hope you find me personable as well as an excellent conversationalist, titillating, educated and witty, I assure you there are very few as delightful as me. 


I've been describe as a petite, yet very curvy woman with an unabashed sensuality. I consider myself poly-amorous in nature and I splendor in the art of mental, emotional and erotic stimulation. I also enjoy the forbidden perils of fantasy play. If you dare, take a minute to meet my alter ego, Mistress Joi Love. 

With interests ranging across a wide spectrum of topics, I particularly enjoy intelligent, humorous conversations that are mutually arousing and inevitably lead to unmentionable indulgences. My goal is to foster a long lasting, jointly satisfactory relationship. I always say, I'd prefer to spend 200 hours with 1 friend I can revel in rather than a single hour with 200 friends I have no connection with.


Allow me to be your muse, I'll take you on a first-class, erotic journey of spoils to which you will not soon forget.


Until We Meet,  Love Joi Love