Your Favorite Private Model

The Crown Is Heavy, So Leave It Where It Fuvking Belongs


Owner, CEO, CFO, Comptroller, Manager #Boss; How exhausting can this title be?


WELL HOW THE FUVK WOULD I KNOW. I've never gotten tired of it! Don't you ever forget that,I promise I can make you pay dearly in ways you could never imagine and I'm not a Mistress of many words.


I have been practicing BDSM/Domination for over 11 years now and although I do not provide the playhouse I once had or indulge on a 100% full time basis, I am well equip with many tools and toys that will surely complete the task at hand. Most of all I posses a beautifully kinky mind that will slowly control your mind, body and soul. Again, not full time, I still have several sub-missives and slaves I've owned for over 6 years now and I provide training and sessions from exploration to highly experienced.


Whether, you're interested in a little sensual tease and denial to total domination, I will have you wrapped around my perfectly round ass, maybe even as I'm smothering you with it, if you're so lucky. Breaking from the norm, my subs tend to enjoy a mash-up of sorts. Although they are into things kink, they also enjoi my tender side equally mixed in for a menagerie of Sensual Domination v3.0. 




Some of our possibilities are as follows:

Financial Domination

Body worship

Tease and Denial


Toy Box

Spanking/ Flogging

Bondage/ Isolation

Role Play